Musical Fidelity Preamplificator MUSICAL FIDELITY NU-VISTA PRE

Nu-Vista PRE - Overview

Based on our excellent Nu-Vista 800 circuit we decided to go all out “fully balanced” on the Nu-Vista range.

The Nu-Vista PRE features the tried and tested Nu-Vista stage featuring 6S51N nuvistors in a discrete class A amplifier buffer.

Technical Talk

The Nu-Vista PRE uses a balanced configuration circuit and balanced precision matched stepped attenuator for volume control. This means even at low volume levels, as well as higher, stereo imaging will be precise and accurate.

For driving strength, a pair of mini power amplifiers (equivalent to 50W) are used for the output stages. They run in Class A for preamp purposes, giving the best in line driving capability, dynamic range, as well as reduced noise and distortion inherently. Supply capacitance is generous, and chokes are added for further improved supply ripple and pulse current spike reduction.

Nu-Vista PRE Power Supply

The Nu-Vista PRE comes with its own dedicated external power supply.

To achieve better noise performance, we removed the AC mains power supply from the main unit and built it into another matching box. In this box we took advantage the extra space to set up inbuilt mains and output filtering. This quietens up the supplies and results in almost no mains-borne artefacts getting into the sensitive audio circuitry.

The Power supply has ON/Standby LEDs and is controlled from the main unit front panel. If total mains isolation is required, the power supply also has rear mounted mechanical rocker switch for full power off. Also included is the Nu-Vista remote control which is a solid “Nu-Vista” style re-imagination of usual remote controls. Machined from solid, it has the same feel as front panel of unit, has powerful beam, and runs off easily replaceable AAA Batteries.

Heroic Build Quality

The Nu-Vista PRE‘s mechanical construction is uncompromisingly rigid and solid in typical Musical Fidelity tradition. Front panel and side panels are milled from extruded aluminium profiles and are extremely massive.

The separate Nu-Vista PRE PSU houses all the transformers, which by nature generate mechanical vibrations and radiate harmful electromagnetic fields. Here they are as far away as possible from the critical amplifier circuits. This significantly contributes to great signal to noise ratio. The Nu-Vista PRE is basically immune against the effects of vibration from the environment. The same can be said about electro magnetic immunity. The massive aluminium case acts as a Faraday cage. It protects the internals against outer electromagnetic fields, and in the same way, the rest of your hi-fi gear against electromagnetic fields generated by the Nu-Vista PRE & PRE PSU.

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  • Descriere

The Nu-Vista PRE is a fully balanced, discrete Class A Preamplifier with separate power supply unit.

Nu-Vista PRE - Specifications

Pre Amplifier

  • Output Voltage: 28 Vrms

  • Output Current: 1 Amp peak to peak

  • Output impedance: <47Ω

  • THD+N: < 0.002 % typical, 20Hz to 20 kHz

  • Signal / noise ratio: >120dB, 20Hz - 20kHz

  • Gain: 2.15x (normal); 4.3x (+6dB enabled); volume maximum

  • Input impedance: 100 k Ohms

  • Overload margin: 24dB

  • Channel separation: >100dB, 20Hz - 20kHz

  • Frequency response: + 0, –1dB, 5Hz to 100 kHz

In & Output

  • 12 independent inputs: 6x RCA & 6x XLR

  • Variable Pre output: 1x RCA & 1x XLR

  • Fixed output: 1x RCA & 1x XLR

  • Trigger input and output: 3.5mm mono jack socket

  • Trigger level ±5V to ±12V

General Information

  • Remote Control included

  • Weight PRE: 22kg net (30kg)

  • Weight PRE PSU: 25kg net (34kg)

  • Dimensions PRE (WxHxD): 483 x 187,5 x 491 (506 with connectors)

  • Dimensions PRE PSU (WxHxD): 483 x 187,5 x 475 (478 with connectors)

  • Mains voltages: 115/230VAC 50/60Hz (factory pre-set); 100VAC 50/60Hz (alternative)

  • Consumption <0.5W in standby mode; 65W maximum

Nu-Vista PRE - Downloads

Product Information Sheet

Nu-Vista PRE Information Sheet (English)

Nu-Vista PRE Information Sheet


Nu-Vista PRE User Manual (English)

Nu-Vista PRE Product Manual

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